Since 1968 there has been a grouping of historians of economic thought in the United Kingdom who in many respect have acted as an organisation for their intellectual discipline. There has been an annual conference (this year in its 50th edition!) with a core of faithful attendees from the UK and across the world and a regular Newsletter.

There was a reluctance initially to become a more formal society. In one of the first Newsletters (issue 4, Spring 1970, page 7) it was noted that ‘[a]t the Business Meeting there was a characteristic British reluctance to adopt a written constitution’. (For access to issues of the History of Economic Thought Newsletter see the Archive). 

More recently, a number of considerations, including the changing disciplinary landscape and professional representation relating to history of economic thought in British academia and beyond have persuaded those associated with the conference to adopt more formal structures and a Constitution.

The Society is currently represented by:

John Vint, Manchester Metropolitan University, Chairperson

Fred Day, Manchester Metropolitan University, Secretary

Claudia Jefferies, City University, Treasurer

Andy Denis, City University

Richard van den Berg, Kingston University

James Forder, University of Oxford

Matthias Klaes, University of Buckingham

Terry Peach, University of Manchester


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